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All of the graphics here are original. They are free for you to use on your webpages. Please see my link to AFH page for details on buttons and linking to AFH.

Don't link to the images here. Download them to your computer or server. If you do use any of the graphics from "Artist For Hire" on your site all I ask is that you please add a link to "Artist For Hire",maybe giving me some credit. You can use one of my button links if you like. The graphics will work fine on any web site. Wether you are using Windows hosting or Linux Hosting. Thanks for visiting the "Artist For Hire" web site.

The Free Graphics can even be used for a business site. If you use the graphics on a business site you must put a button link on each page that has graphics from Artist For Hire.

None of the graphics here may be reproduced or offered to the public anywhere except the "Artist For Hire" web site.

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