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Looking for a comic artist


Hi everyone,

Im a writer who's fast approaching a deadline. I need a comic artist to illutrate and letter a story I wrote. The comic in question needs to be submitted to a magazine by 30 april. extremely short notice I know but my original artist just bailed on me minutes ago and i have nothing but ONE character sketch. no panels, nothing.
The comic needs to be in black and white and ... I'm not sure howmany comic pages it would come to but the script is about ten pages long. I need it to be between 20-40 comic pages.
Leave me a message with some of your art work if you are interested. I'd appreciate anyone who can help me out of this jam. We can negotiate some kind of token payment. Im not getting paid for this. Im doing it to get published and get my name out there....

Hi firefoxcub,

I'm newbie here and I'm not cartoonist too, so I hope others can help you.


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